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To Create a Research and Publicity Platform and Intensify Risk Management of the Insurance Industry


September 29, 2017


--CISFC Founded the Journal of Observation of Insurance Risk


“Preventing systematic financial risk is an ever-lasting mission of financial work”. In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts regarding financial work and to comprehensively fulfill the spirits of the National Financial Work Conference, CISFC founded the Observation of Insurance Risk, a professional internal periodical of insurance risk management. On September 19, the first issue has been officially published.



the first issue of Observation of Insurance Risk


With leaders’ approval from CIRC, the Observation of Insurance Risk was started as a professional periodical under the supervision of CIRC. Closely focusing on the objectives of “foundational, forward-looking and strategic research of insurance risk management”, the periodical holds fast to two main theme as of “intensifying the insurance risk management” and “promoting sound development of insurance industry”, and dedicates itself to “serving the insurance regulators, insurance consumers and healthy development of the insurance industry”. The periodical highlights such four focuses as “promoting the regulatory policy guidance and insurance risk culture, reflecting the dynamics and experience of domestic and foreign insurance industries, releasing latest news about the construction of domestic and foreign insurance security fund systems, and displaying CISFC’s achievements in risk monitoring, assessment and business research projects”. Target readers of the periodical include personnel of the insurance regulation system, insurance practitioners, researchers of insurance-related scientific research institutes, etc. Contributors can submit their articles to:




Mr. Chen Wenhui, Vice Chairman of CIRC


Mr. Chen Wenhui, Vice Chairman of CIRC, affirmed the initiation of the internal periodical created by CISFC. He appraised that the Observation of Insurance Risk is a product of current situation, a match to industry demand by constructing a research platform and publicity carrier focusing on mainly the insurance risk management, and thus playing an active role in perfecting the insurance security fund system, remolding the insurance risk concept and cultures and promoting the sustainable and sound development of the whole industry. He hoped that CISFC could continue its persistent efforts to make the periodical a better platform of policy research, practical exploration and business communication for insurance regulators, experts, scholars, insurers and other related persons, and contribute more to the sound development while consolidating the risk defend of the whole industry.